The traditional bags and shoes made of tanned or tinted hides aren’t so popular or easy to find in Poland now that cheap leather goods can be imported for much less money. You can still find the hand-stamped goods in tourist shops, or the elfish-toed pointy shoes on the feet of folk dancers. There is also a continuing artisan practice of constructing paintings, wall hangings, devotional figures, vases and other household knick knacks  out of sculpted hides. They’re strange.

Here, some very unorthodox approaches to leather-working: the colours, the patterns, and the fact that they function as jewellery immediately tears them out of tradition. They actually have very little to do with my childhood stockpile of purses and belts. They also have little to do with the elaborate Western cowboy/rancher styles of Alberta, where I grew up. Instead, they’re fun little monsters for those who like bright chunky accessories. Wrist cuffs, bracelets, belts, and (gradually-emerging) purses. All cut, carved, stamped, and dyed by hand. Each is one of a kind and sizes are adjustable. Dyes are water-based. Some samples:


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