Neon what?

Polish but born and bred in Canada. Living on the Island of London. Twisting the atypical into a few traditional Polish folk arts: leather-work, paper-cutting (wycinanki), and saltdough crafting (szyszki weselne).

But I’m going about it in reverse. You’re meant to perfect the skills before you can start breaking rules and making mutants, and I have yet to undertake an apprenticeship. I feel I will have to locate an old babcia in a run-down cabin who can teach me the secrets of the trades. The traditional patterns (of all of the above) are so much more difficult to achieve than the freaks I have on offer here. But the freaks are alright too, and one day I’ll master the oldskool as well. Thus our equation: the neon of modernity and the cabbages of old equals half-baked spring chicken.

You’ll find that at present, my focus is on leather, particularly cuffs and bracelets, and variations of paper-cuttings. No two items are the same. (Keep checking back for the evolution of the inedible cakes of death.)

I’ll have an etsy shop set up soon, but in the meantime I can be reached at frances[dot]kruk[at]btinternet[dot]com.


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