17 November: It’s Wonder Hill Market’s PRE-XMAS PARTY at the Tooting Tram and Social Club! Mulled wine will be available: it is time to begin the swilling. There is no reason why we should wait until December to revel in debauchery. Debauchery, and finding the bestest presents and xmas cards before everybody else.

1 December: The Dandy Lion Market presents WINTERLAND at The Oxford. I have been led to believe that there will be snow and ice and glitter inside the pub, and that mulling spices shall be magically sprinkled on everything by tiny frozen elf. Do not fear the elf: he and his Dandy friends have seasonal gifts for you…

Remember: Mama wants her festive greeting card, and you need new stockings and bling for all those parties.

Contact me at:       frances [dot] kruk [@] btinternet [dot] com

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    • Likewise!
      Sorry this page is a bit of a networking black hole. If I can find my sidebar (I have NO IDEA where it went or how it disappeared), I’ll get some links up. I suppose I should get something up on fb too……
      Thanx for tasty treats!

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